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Newborn Padded Portable Shower Bed

If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to give your little one a clean bath then our Newborn Padded Portable Shower Bed is just what they need to enjoy a comfortable shower.

The flat middle interior is designed to hold your baby stationary while the soft padded polyester sides keep them afloat so you can give them a bath without having to submerge them into the bath water.

It’s completely safe, harmless, and a comfortable new way to give your little one the best showering experience possible without overwhelming them.

You can choose from multiple bright colored and cute designed animal portable shower beds so your baby feels like its playtime whenever it’s time for a bath.


  • Soft padded portable shower bed great for giving newborn babies a bath
  • Made with premium grade polyester material with extra fluff for pure comfort
  • Floats with your baby in it so you can give them a proper bath
  • Multiple different animal style shower beds to choose from each offering a highly adorable appeal

Give your little one a quick, clean shower with the help of our Newborn Padded Portable Shower Bed and order yours online today!

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