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Baby Car Seat - Stroller Tray

Are you looking for a way to make traveling with your little one a bit cleaner and more organized? Our Baby Car Seat - Stroller Tray provides your baby room to comfortably play, drink, and snack on lunch without leaving a mess behind for you to clean up.

You can easily attach it to any stroller or car seat with the fastener clips behind the trey and adjust it to fit your baby for maximum comfort.

Unlike other stroller trays, this one is made with durable PC wood that doesn’t bend or break easily. Not to mention a cushioned interior with padded sides gives your little one all the comfort they need to enjoy an adventurous day around the city.


  • Mesh side pockets give you room to store snacks, water bottles, and games
  • Durable PC wood makes this baby tray hard to break or snap
  • Safety fasteners allow you to attach the tray to any car seat or stroller
  • Padded sponge interior gives your baby all the comfort they need

Give your baby room to play on every car ride with our Baby Car Seat Stroller Tray and order yours online today!

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